A.A. Information for Professionals

Do you have patients, clients, employees, students or members of your congregation who have — or may have — a drinking problem?  Have they or their family members have come to you for guidance?  Do you have questions about “how it works,” and want to find out more information about our Fellowship?  We are happy to help you learn more about AA.

This A.A. White Paper explains What AA is, What it Does and Doesn’t Do, and how people can find us.  In District 17, we have established a Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) committee as a resource for providing that kind of information.  Upon request from professionals, the CPC committee can:

  • Send out pamphlets and other informational materials about Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Send out local meeting schedules
  • Take professionals to an open AA meeting so they can see for themselves what it is
  • Put professionals in contact with other AA members who would be available to accompany their patient, client, etc. to his/her first AA meeting
  • Present an overview of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous to the professional or his/her staff

If you’d like more information, specific or general, about any of the items mentioned above, please feel free to contact the District CPC chairperson.

There is no charge associated with any of these services.  Our members participate in these outreach activities because it helps them stay sober, and we would welcome the opportunity to be of service.