District Committee

The District Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm on Zoom. 

Our Meeting ID is 638 166 584; our Passcode is 849059 or https://us02web.zoom.us/s/638166584?pwd=MXlnSXJSY2IxWDBsSHJSUTZLaHFIUT09.

Trusted ServantNameContactService Opportunities
 DCM Bob N.
 Alternate DCM  altDCM Help Needed!
 Secretary  secretary Help Needed!
 Treasurer Tom C. treasurer 
 Archives  archives Help Needed!
 Correctional Facilities Eric B. corrections 
 Treatment Mary Byrd N.
 Public Information DeAnn M.
CPC  CPC Help Needed!
 Grapevine  DCM Help Needed!
 Linguistics  DCM Help Needed!
 Western CO Central Office Liaison  WCCOL Help Needed!
 Technology Bob N.

GSR – Breakfast Club
 DCMHelp Needed!
 GSR – Dry Ice Group Lynne McD. DCM 
 GSR – Feisty Night Speaker Group Nick A.
 GSR – Fraser Meeting Jacqueline McN.
 GSR – Frisco Saturday Night Group  DCM Help Needed!
 GSR – Granby Group Meredi H.
 GSR – Grand Lake Group Mark W.
 GSR – Hot Sulphur Sundays Group  DCM Help Needed!
 GSR -Kremmling Group  DCM Help Needed!
GSR – Saturday Sunrise
 DJ H.
 GSR – Serenity in the Mountains Group. DCM Help Needed!
 GSR – Simplicity Group Judy R.
 GSR – Sobriety with Altitude Group Alyssa R.
 GSR – Summit County Country Club Group Eric B. DCM 
 GSR – Summit Serenity Sisters
 Dawn N.
 GSR – Thursday Night Big Book Study Group  DCM Help Needed!
 GSR – Two Mile High Group Diana P.
 GSR – Winter Park Peaks and Valleys Group Lisa L.